Maybe you're wondering

Why Moustache Moji?

And the answer is simple: Because we love moustaches just as much as you do! And because moustaches are totally awesome. To celebrate the moustache way of life, we have put together the most fantastic sticker pack you'll ever see. And what month would be better to download this cool Moustache Sticker pack than November - the month of the Moustache! More than 200 different kinds of stickers; Men, women, moustache quotes and much, much more. Fifty of the stickers are hilarious animations that literally will make you laugh out loud. Moustache Moji has got something for everyone, download it now and spread the Moustache Love to all your family and friends!

It's time to meet...

Our moustaches!

Manly Moustaches

The largest collection of manly moustache emojis you'll ever see in one place! We got everything covered, from the most crazy ones to the old classics.

Feminine Moustaches

Of course our beloved Mo-Sisters also have their very own moustache emojis! Our female moustache collection has got something to offer for everyone.

Hilarious Animations

Fifty of the coolest and most hilarious animations you'll ever see! Workout Moustaches? We got it. Super Hero Moustaches? We got that too!

Moustache Quotes

The most famous, most weird and most funny Moustache Quotes out there. We got you covered in this area as well. Download Moustache Moji now & enjoy it all!

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The moustaches in action!

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